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Well as the title says, I reallyyyy should be sleeping, seeing as how it's 2am here in Singapore and I have to get up for work in less than 5hours.
Did a very brief update, just a couple of pictures. 1 of Karuta and 1 of Sonico, the 2 coses I did most recently.
Trying to slowly but surely catch up on my backlog, and also work on my props and costumes for upcoming coses.

I have a shoot this Sunday, as Myojin Yahiko with my Rurouni Kenshin team.
Really excited since Yahiko's a character I've loved since probably 10years ago, and now I'm gonna (attempt to) cos him!
Hopefully I won't fail him ^^;;
Certain circumstances have also caused a major breakout of zits of my face so I'm hoping makeup will save me somewhat 8<

I also decided that with the (lack of) frequency that I'm on here, I'm not able to reply to every single fav and addition to collections, to which I apologise sincerely.
I'll only be able to reply to comments on pictures and watches from now on.
Please don't feel that I'm being rude by not thanking you, I really am thankful, from the bottom of my heart, but I have too many real life, online and cosplay commitments and am just not able to get the time to answer every single one of you. I'm really, really sorry. /bows

Thanks as usual to everyone, and I hope I'll be back soon to see you guys! :3

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so let me be the girl who dances amongst the stars,
swirling the azure skies around me as if they were skirts i wore;
dreaming of rainbows and unicorns as the clouds swish around my ankles.

and then i'll cast all worries and fears far, far away, and never again will they invade my heart.

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wahh now you and celine are cospray tag team ah
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happy b-day :iconkaminaplz::iconcakeplz:
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Kitty-Kozuki Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
oh my gosh.
You are the cutest person. In cute village. In cute land. In cute Nation. In cute universe.
Anyways. You have amazing cosplays! You really look like Hinata!
I only need a 2-3 hour flight to where you live!! XD
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